FLYBOARD with Aqua Flights             


The Flyboard was created by Franky Zapata in spring of 2011. Franky came all the way from France to Florida and spent 3 days with Aqua Flights owner/instructor Damian Mothersbaugh and trained him  on every aspect of the Flyboard. 

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If you've ever wanted to fly like a bird and swim like a dolphin then now is your opportunity! Just a little balance and courage is all that it takes. With our owner/instructor having over 500 hours of flight time on the Flyboard you're sure to learn from the best.

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Aqua Flights owner/instructor Damian Mothersbaugh debut the Flyboard at the Worlds Expo 2012 in Yeosu, South Korea by performing in the Blooming Ocean aquatic stunt show for 93 consecutive days where he entertained over 8 million guests.